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Originally Posted by Loki
-- 51 points vs. NY after Jeff Van Gundy had called him a "con man" in the NY papers. Jordan destroyed the Knick defenders that night, and, in the 4th, was visibly talking to Van Gundy after every made basket. Also memorable because Jordan punked Chris Childs earlier in the game after Childs stepped to him-- he sonned him with the "hand on the forehead and push" thing as if to say "back up off me."

the fact that the same Chris childs absolutely PUNKED kobe when they fought a couple years ago makes the kobe jordan comparison laughable. Childs just straight up went up to kobe and piimp smacked him. Now compare that to when Starks tried to start shiit with Jordan and the entire other 4 knicks as well as 2 or 3 bulls had to restrain Jordan, and Starks was STILL backing off. You guys know the clip I'm talking about. Nobody, I mean NOBODY *****s with jordan.

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