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Originally Posted by WADE MONEY
Now compare that to when Starks tried to start shiit with Jordan and the entire other 4 knicks as well as 2 or 3 bulls had to restrain Jordan, and Starks was STILL backing off. You guys know the clip I'm talking about. Nobody, I mean NOBODY *****s with jordan.

Yeah, I know that incident. I have the game on DVD, actually (along with the entire '92 Knicks series). Two "better" incidents than that were the Jordan/X-Man and Jordan/Greg Anthony altercations. Anthony backed off mighty quick after leveling Jordan with a football-like body check at full speed that sent MJ to the ground. Jordan got up furious, looking to go, and Anthony ran away. I also love that play where MJ goes up for the dunk, gets leveled by McDaniel and Ewing in the air, still manages to drop it in, and then stands over Ewing shouting at him (you have to remember this one).

Seriously, watching those '92 and '93 Knicks series, it's funny that in nearly every game there was some sort of altercation, crazy flagrant foul, or punches thrown. Insane.
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