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team is stacked. Jordan Hill will play the backup 5 almost exclusively I think. and Jamison will play backup 4 exclusively, I really don't see him playing the 3 unless Brown wants a shooter in there not named Kobe or Meeks

I would prefer one more athlete on the wing but honestly Lakers have no space and at this point might be reluctant to add that 15 guy due to wanting some roster flexibility as well as money wise if the dude wont see court time.

I hope Johnson-Odom makes it, personal preference.

I would love me some KMart, him + Dwight would be sick on P&R defense. Last year Kenyon played a ton of 5 and still did a beyond solid job. Word around the block is he wants more than the min, but I really don't see a team with money left wanting him. Cleveland will not want to take time from their young pup, so they are out.
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