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Default Re: The further adventures...

Monday 12.28.15 3 hour low impact workout.

Did the usual, not much else to log. I have been getting my legs under me again and realizing that my leg strength is not what it was pre-injury (I had a high sprain a month back and I took a month off, was in bed for like 2 weeks straight on "meds") so now when I am hitting some turn-around J's I'm reminded that "oh, yeah... I just took a month off". I have to work more to get back to my pre-injury level.

Now I'm wondering if I should continue pushing myself until I get to super-sayan mode or if I should just chill before I get a repeated-usage injury. I've been playing consistently since spring. I'm not trying to make it into any leagues over here, I am just trying to stay in shape, plus I don't have any insurance. I'm a passionate guy but I'm also a second-class citizen. I may need to slow it down for my own sake...passion can get me killed.

A conundrum, perhaps.

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