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Default Re: The further adventures...

Monday 2.22.15 4.5 hour medium/high impact workout.

Well, after taking the winter easy I have started to notice a gradual decline down the "mountain of fitness". I have been working out about 1 time a week the last few weeks.

This ends this week.

With spring here I have no excuse to say "well if I lived up north I would be snowed in" or "if I keep at this I will get degenerative injuries".

No. I am back on the court. Older and slower than ever but still with the best jumpshot I have ever had. And with higher IQ than most.

Today I played 5 games and won them all. I lost another game but I won't count that one because I shot 5-5 and only lost because two brothers decided to ball hog and do these wannabee Kyrie Irving dribbles into the lane and then jack up crappy shots. That isn't basketball, you dorks, Kyrie Irving knows the fundamentals at the least. You two are nut riders at worst and clones at best.

Anyways, I played with some dudes that knew how to play and killed in half court games. We had the passing going Spurs-style and both my dudes were attacking, I just had to sit back and rack up assists.

Then we played a full-court and killed the other team that had two low IQ but athletic bigs that thought I wouldn't play tough D on em. They were wrong. We won. The end. Booooooooom.

Lesson for today: Gonna play hard, gonna feel the BURN. My legs are done for today and tomorrow. I may bike tomorrow just to stretch em. Maybe not. I wouldnt mind doing some yoga tho.

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