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Default Re: The further adventures...

Friday 4.22.15 3 hour low/medium impact workout.

I'm doing okay. Has it really been a month? Unbelievable. I was doing well after my last update but then I guess I got cocky and decided I needed to "chill" to congratulate myself on feeling good about my productivity. This led to me to go into a weed coma for about three weeks. This is not productive for me in the least. I basically went into "low-power mode" and just watched terrible Youtube clickbait content for about two weeks, barely getting out of the apartment. Weed does this to me. I don't know why I keep going to it, I guess I really like it. It pisses me off that I give into my addiction and cease to function normally but eventually I was able to stop smoking enough to get my wits about me again and begin to work out. Today, I basically ran, played shitty 3 on 3s and tried to get the cobwebs out of my system. A successful re-entry back into the world of fitness. Damn, I'm sore. The worst thing was a group of high-schoolers watched me pull some old-man shit like flubbing a layup while getting no lift and did their "monkey excitement" thing where they run around and laugh like cartoon characters.

Today's lesson: I'm a weed zombie. I need to seriously limit my weed intake to almost nil. Also: Don't get cocky, stay consistent.

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