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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

Just got it the other night but had some technical problems. My goddamned controllers aren't connecting. I have a wall outlet charger. Have had it forever and it's worked great. It does two controllers at once. I haven't played in months, but I did just buy a new white SixAxis dualshock controller. I had that charging, along with my regular black SixAxis dualshock.

Both appeared to be fully charged, because their lights blink when they're not, and I saw the white one blinking for a while, then I stopped. So I took it off, hit the PS button and it won't connect. I plugged it in with the USB, hit the PS button, and it flashes the red lights, but still won't connect. So I figured I'd try my old black one just to get the thing going, the lights won't go on at all. Even when I plug it in with the USB I get nothing. But when I plug into the charger it'll flash for a bit and recharge. But off the charger it shows no sign of life at all.

Anyway, I have a third controller, the original that came with my PS3, that's not a dualshock. I scooped that up and it connected straight away. I was at least able to get the game loaded and do all the updates I needed. But it's really frustrating.

I did play the first couple missions, just to get it going. The run away from the cops introduction. Then the fight training thing. And finally the salespeople shakedown in the market, which was pretty nice. I still haven't gotten a totally open world feel from it yet, but the fighting is really well done, and I'm definitely looking forward to getting into it.
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