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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
Livingston is the most overrated prospect in the West Coast (Al Jefferson takes the league crown).

His talent is that he's too scared to assert himself in terms of scoring, so he just makes the right pass at the right time and comes off with an assist cause he's on a talented team. Apparently, nowadays all you have to do is pass the ball the second you touch it becuase you're too scared to get stripped or miss a shot and you're the next Magic Johnson. If I had the endurance and the height I could be doing what he's doing right now. Court vision and length. That's nice but what else does he have going for him exactly? You wouldn't trade him for an MVP candidate? Brent Barry has court vision and a three pointer. You don't see the Spurs hesitating to trade him for an MVP candidate. I guess he just isn't young enough to draw interest.

The Clippers don't have the contracts to swap out to get AI, unless they want to gut their roster.

The Clippers don't have any bad contracts.
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