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Default Re: For those of you lining up to buy the Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue

Originally Posted by Bless Mathews

This is gettin real old.

Real real old

You've embarrassed yourself too long.

Stop dodging my question.

Stop dodging the Houston rockets fan poast

Just answer:

Why are they called sky Jordan's specifically?

How do you think you could be able to tell that from picture number 3 on slide show?

That's all
Save SOME respect. You're suppppsed to be a shoe guru.

Aks me anything about skratch piklz. Or a vestax 07 pro and I'm not DUCCIN no questions.

Be civil. For once. Follow along.

Educate ball sacc , Celtic baller , then at the least. Educate him. He had no idea what sky Jordan's are but was on your side about the YEEZYS.

Don't hang him out to dry.

Like I said, Google. Not that hOard.

It's not dodging when the answer is right there!

Sounds like you're dodging my question
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