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Default Re: Rodney Stuckey and coach Kuester having problems

I didn't. Leadership starts at the coaching position. That is what the coach is payed for. It's the coaches responsibility to manage the personalities of the team. Stuckey is in a contract year. He has to play well. He wants to play well. Kuester has been messing with Stuckey throughout the preseason and now even into the season. I've never understood his reasoning behind most of his rotations. I think he needs to be fired. How can any FA in the league take the Pistons seriously with Kuester as the head coach? FA's will see the current players aren't happy. They will see what could potentially happen to their PT and what it could do to their brand and image. I can think of a lot of other coaches athletes would rather play for. Bring in someone defensive minded with a name.
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