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Default Quick Fixes

Heres a few possible quick short term (or maybe long term) fixes to our pg/backup pg problem.Most of these guys are available and super cheap!

1.Sean Singletary-Still can't believe he's not on an NBA team.Dude has handle,can shoot,plays D,can pass...pretty much everything you need in a pg.He's undersized @ around 6'0" tall but he can really play.I've seen him on all levels.HS,College and Pros.He's a quiet guy who get's the job done.

2.Sundiata Gaines-I don't get how you hit a game winner for a team,out play all their backups in very limited minutes,but can't make their roster.I've played against him when I was younger.He's a tough kid.Growing up,he was one of the strongest guys I've ever played against as a youngster.He also played football.He didnt develop a jumpshot until about his junior year in college but he's always attacked the rim with Marbury like strength and tenacity.Minnesota just cut him from their team,oops I mean PG army.That was to be expected considering they have about 4 PGs already.

3.Rafer Alston-you mean to tell me he's not good enough to be in the league? The guy ran the point for a NBA Finals team just two years ago.I find it hard to believe he fell off that bad to where he can't even get a job.I think he'd be a perfect back-up for us.He can run the break.He can pass his ass off.He has one of the best handles ever.He's not a gr8 shooter but he hits them when he's open,especially when the big man is being doubled.He's experienced,particularly in big time meaningful games.

4.Andre Barrett-The ONLY reason this guy keeps getting cut is because he's short. EVERY YEAR he does his thing in the D-League.He is getting 18 ppg and 8 apg. Now I know that isn't the NBA but the guy can play.I've been watching him since he went to Rice HS.I used to admire his game alot.He's lightning fast,strong,and probably the smartest with the basketball our of all these guys.He can shoot the three pretty well (38%) and can pass his ass off.He is the classic guy who can't catch a break because he's undersized.

5.Eric Maynor-I wanted us to move down in the draft and get him instead of drafting Jordan Hill.I really like him.Nothing spectacular.He's just a steady pg who is crafty,can score and won't lose you any games with mistakes.His game reminds me of Steve Smith's a little or Sam Cassell.

6.Sebastian Telfair-Cmon...we all know I like this guy and why.Do I even need to explain why again?

7.A.J. Price-A former Big East PG so you know he's tough (Go Huskies!!!) He is in a similar situation as Telfair and Gaines in that Indiana has a bunch of PGs.He'd be easy to grab because he's basically 3rd string with Ford now on the bench.Despite his percentage (29%) he can really shoot the three ball and he's even better mid range.He's been in epic battles in college and steps up in big games (even though I saw Sebastian DESTROY him in an AAU game back in the day in what might have been one of the best tournament game performances I've ever seen in my life lol)

8.Johnny Flynn-a coaches dream (other than his injury).Hard Working,Intelligent, Humble,Charismatic.He also has a nice handle,is athletic,can shoot well from mid range,plays D and can penetrate and dish.His stats are down because of playing time and coming off major surgery but he avg 13 and 4 as a rookie in the abyss that is Minnesota.He has multiple reports,including this site, stating that he predicts he'll be traded soon.I'd love to have him here.He's a really good player and a great guy.A real leader in the making,which is what we need.I think he could even potentially overtake Felton is he got enough minutes.

9.Stephen Curry-Now I know it would be super hard for us to get him but I'd press the issue with Denver,see who they'd want in a trade for Melo,and whoever they don't mention,trade them for Curry.He would fit our team PERFECTLY!!!I mean more so than any other player in the league probably....and to think we were one pick away from getting him If we could get him,bye bye Felton.

10.Ish Smith-Theres two things you can't deny.He's lightning fast and he can pass his ass off.I wouldnt mind getting him for the low.
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