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Default Re: Have you ever tasted your own semen?

Originally Posted by thatoneblackguy
True story (believe me or not I dont care) - I was laying on my back on my bed with my ex-gf and she was giving me a ******* and jacking me off, well I tell her im about to *** so she starts rubbing me harder and harder and the whole time she's pointing my **** towards my face rather than my stomach so I blow my load and it hits me right on the mouth/chin. She starts laughing and i just sit there with this kind of face:

One of my most embarrassing moments, ever. I've never told that story before until now.
I believe you. You can actually get semen to shoot pretty far if you hold the pen!s tight for at least one push, then the next push let it go and it shots out a couple feet.
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