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Default Re: April 20: Playoffs round 1, Grizzlies at Spurs, Game 2

Originally Posted by niko
Clyde Fraizer won two titles for the Knicks and has spent the better part of his career with that organization. He never says WE, he never roots, he does talk about things from our perspective (of course) and he wants us to win, but he doesn't root. If you like the rooting style that's fine (i see no reason you shouldn't) but be aware for those that aren't rooting, it comes across as really super lame.

That's great and all, but not only does it not matter to us what you think of Sean Elliott, but just in case you feel like boring us with your opinion of it later, we also don't care if you don't find Pop's jokes funny, or if you find Spurs games to be boring to watch.
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