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Default These cheap players can make a big impact for the team

We really need to get rid of najera and boone, possibly sean williams if he doesnt show that he is dedicated and actually wants to become a better player, and then send ager to the d-league. This should clear room for the big player we will try and get, (boozer, stoudamire?), But also give room for these players which are cheap but can make an impact:

Pops mensah bonsu- absolute monster, this guy shows he wants to play, he can take over sean williams spot because they are very similar, pops can be that x factor that is game changing with his dunks and putbacks. He will be pretty cheap because he just wants to play!
you must check out this vid of him-

Dermarr Johnson- this guy would be a decent backup/possible starter if he trains becuase he had potential but got in trouble and is trying to reform his nba career, (chris anderson type of situation), but im not sure if the nets will need him,

juan carlos navarro- dont think he would cheap but i also dont know much about him but i think he would be a good point guard or so?
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