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Default Re: Do the math, going to europe hurt jennings

The #2 and #3 teams picked based on needs (center and sg respectively), so at most he would have gone #4. That hurts your claim a little

He may have lost out on some initial $, but it is not for sure that he would have gone top 5 if he went to arizona. Hell, he was lucky to get picked #10. I don't think going overseas hurt him at all. Teams swing and miss all the time in the draft. Plus he is a 6 foot guard with a slight frame, not many teams would jump at that. Plus he has a huge ego, which probably hurt his draft stock, but will ultimately help his game.

Still a good move by Jennings, 1 and done is a dumb rule. Let the boys fail if that is what they want. What guarantee is it that these guys make it though 4 years of college? Then get a good job. These guys are told from AAU that they are great, will make it, that is why they play ball, to make it to the big show, not to play NCAA and then stop.

The rule is another Stern rule based on the best interest of the NBA and it's affiliates (notably the NCAA) plus to cut down on salaries since guys will have more NBA experience when they negotiate the 2 and third contracts.

Stern is evil and a cheater! A liar, and a jackass. He is a lawyer so why would it surprise me.
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