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Default Re: Rip Hamilton starting SG, McGrady coming off the bench.

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
Well you gotta see where the Bulls are coming from. We dont have cap space. Only a MLE. We do have trade assets but not as enticing as other teams could offer.

So why I would rather go for a guy like Afflalo or Thornton or JRich, I think we just will not be able to get em.

So guys like Butler, Rip, VC, TMac are our choices. All have questions concerning them but they have experience and that is vital for this team.

I would really be careful signing veterans like VC and TMac, these guys are flakes, had histories of crumbling under pressure, lacking physical toughness etc. Bulls played really well not just bec of great coaching and talent but bec of very good chemistry, pulling for each other. Inserting a cancer can really ruin that for them.
Lakers, Boston and other major cities have been "creative" in making their rosters better inspite of them being over the cap. I can see guys like JRich and Crawford taking a discount to play for winner or the Bulls can trade some draft picks along with Korver or Brewer for sign and trade deals. I could be wrong but who knows.
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