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Default Re: Tracy McGrady thanks Raptors fans despite all the booing at Air Canada Centre

Tmac will make it in albiet it will be a long wait. As mentioned above if Bking made it ; it suggests both Tmac and Vince will get in based on offensive efficiency (for their games) someday.

Tmac's career will always be assesed as "what if" more so than any other player of his generation I think.

One of the last players to ever be drafted out of high school.

Paired with Vince Carter - "what if they had stayed together to form a core"? Toronto fans still seemingly dwell on this.

Paired with Grant Hill in Orlando - even a bigger upside potentially- "what if Grant had been healthy during those seasons'?

Paired with Yao Ming in Houston - even bigger upside potentially - "what if Yao had been healthy during those seasons"? Shaq / Kobe version 2.0 ?
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