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Originally Posted by KobeLookLike2Pac
First of all I never said any of that sheet, second of all I saw you coming from a mile away with the race issue. It could have easily been Eddie Curry or Zach Randolph in place of Yao Ming and I'd be saying the same thing. When Yao gets smashed on by Randolph, Curry, Bogut or Bynum and you roll your eyes at the hype, well you might as well be looking in the mirror. Yao is just a very good center, not a great one or one that deserves to mentioned in the same breath as the greats, in a transition era of declining and young 5s.

Okay, I'll give you something, Yao has yet to deem himself to be mentioned with greats, but honestly with his hard work he could possible reach elite status. Yao is not only a very good center. Being a good center does not justify what Yao is. Yao is a great center who is literally carrying the Rockets right now. He has really torched the other teams big men. I'm sorry if you try to discredit him just because he is in an age where there is declining 5's and young 5's, but seriously, if you can't see how dominant he is being right now, you are simply choosing to ignore the fact that he is carrying the Rockets.

I know it's only 7 games, and for now I'll let your argument stand as it is. We'll come back to this during all-star break, so please look for me.

Thank you.
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