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Originally Posted by dwillreg
I like Roy too, but cmon. Roy is an excellent athlete but Dwayne Wade is in a different catagorie. Roy's game is getting into the lane, going to the line 20 times, and shooting a silky smooth fade away. Roy will have a greater impact on the team he goes to, but Morrison will score more.

You just described D-Wade's game. D-Wade gets into the lane and goes to the line 20 times or shoots a silky smooth fade away. You can not underestimate Brandon Roy. I mean did you see his statline at the end of the season. I actually his stats to Jordan in his last year at North Carolina and Roy's stats were actually better across the line, except Roy has a better three point shot coming out of college than Jordan. Add to that his forty inch vertical and his complete unstoppability in driving the lane, and you have yourself a fierce offensive guard in the league. Did you see this guy in the NCAA tournament? He was unguardable. He got to the whole at will. His only weakness is his lack of instincts for when he should take over a game. He tends to wait around when he should be popping up to the top of the key to get the ball so he can drive. He is unselfish to a fault.

Morrison will be a total bust. The big strong quick black men in the league are gonna toss that skinny white boy around and shut him down. It really does come down to that. This game is now the black man's game, and, as we can see, no white player is dominant enough to will his team to a championship anymore. Dirk and Nash had great runs, but there really can not be any more great white players in the league. Larry Bird was the last.
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