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Default Re: are the people who voted shaq the 7th best player ever hypocrites?

Only read the first two paragraphs, as you're a retard.

But, those paragraphs have somewhat of a point.

The same people who voted Bird over Wilt, go back and vote Shaq over Kobe.

Very strange indeed. Because, if the criteria one would have to use to justify Bird being a better player than Wilt was being used (3 rings > 2 rings, 2 FMVPs > 1 FMVP) than those same people would vote Kobe over Shaq (5 rings > 4 rings. 2 rings after they split > 1 ring after they split).

So yes, that's strange and unfortunate. Alot of those same people hate Kobe though, so not much of a surprise. And, when there are little 14 year old posters like yourself running around with Kobe's genitals in your mouth everytime you talk, it makes it that much easier for them to desire to discredit the man.

And by the way, regardless of the reasoning. I've seen you say Kobe is Top 5 All Time. There's no amount of rationale that can justify that. So, you're whining is almost obsolete.
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