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Default Re: are the people who voted shaq the 7th best player ever hypocrites?

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
exactly... so why is it in these all time voting threads its just turning out to be one big troll on kobe and his fans?

mods need to delete all of these dumb threads. its causing problems because a few people and their multiple accounts are just changing criteria based on how they can get as many people ahead of kobe on the list just to piss his fans off

all the same people voted jordan, russell, magic, bird, kareem over wilt and shaq.

then the minute kobes next in line based on the career formula.... they all of a sudden change to "WE'RE VOTING ON PRIMES NOW. CAREERS DONT MATTER."

its creating drama and needless hatred

they should stick to their criteria

if they voted the entire thing based on the current critera... Shaq and Wilt would go #1 and #2

its basically become a favorite player thread

and making 5-6 favorite player troll threads a day is starting to p*ss me off. because theyre enviting kobe fans in just to troll us. its an agenda thread with a false title. should be deleted
They're just mad man. It's hard for them to let another Laker into the top 10 when there's already Shaq, Wilt and Kareem. Then in the top 20 we got guys like West and Baylor.

Let them have their fun because we're starting a 3 peat this year anyways. When Kobe has 8 titles we'll just laugh at any of their arguments.
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