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Default Re: Luis Scola talk to Houston

Originally Posted by MiseryCityTexas
i hope luis scola can rebound, because his 5 rebounds per game ineuro leagues is not gonna cut it. scola has a jumer and nice post up moves though.
He isn't going to get 8 but he will help and the faster tempo will make up for it.

Originally Posted by miles berg
Effin' Rockets do it again. I swear, if the Spurs weren't a big enough pain in our ass, the Rockets go out and add Adelman and give him good talent to work with around their stars.

Two quick questions:

1. Are they signing Steve Francis?
2. Is Dikembe Mutombo retiring?

Well, three I guess, cause if they sign Francis what are they doing with Rafer Alston?

PG-Steve Francis | Mike James
SG-Tracy McGrady | Luther Head
SF-Shane Battier | Bonzi Wells
PF-Luis Scola | Chuck Hayes
CT-Yao Ming | Dikembe Mutombo?

Good gracious man, that team is set. Loaded from 1-5 and two deep assuming Mutombo returns.
I don't think we can get Francis since he is looking for a lot of playing time so Miami and Clippers are more likely places for him. That team is great but we would be a little weak in the PF/C spots off the bench. Mutombo is a question mark and we need more size in the post. Hayes is great but still undersized.
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