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Default Re: LO7 still not getting the respect he deserves....even from us!!!

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
I can't believe that laker's fans are not jumping for joy over the
great play Lamar has shown us lately...

In the other thread on the laker's best defensive player, he is
not mentioned once....(so far)....He defends the opponent's best
player night after night....he is our best big defender....

he's our best rebounder......

he's a great passer......

he is a smart player... he really works well in the triangle....when he
is not the primary option.....

Come on people, give Lamar his due!!!!

C'mon man.
Check that thread again. I remember sayin it was like Kobe and Ariza but Ariza I'm saying because thats all he really brings(Or in an analogy it would be the full course meal to his side dish)

LAMAR is an underrated defender. I've understood that they just throw this guy in the fire and let him guard Dirk, Kg, etc. Lamar is the best big defender we have. Bynum is just a shot blocker.

I dont know if the way lamar defends or rebounds, or is almost ALWAYS there with the weakside goes overlooked but when I see Lamar play I see a guy who trys harder than almost everybody and thats why I love what he brings to our team.
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