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Default Re: LO7 still not getting the respect he deserves....even from us!!!

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Yet that shot blocker causes other teams to think twice about entering the paint, whereas with lamar as our "best big defender" we've had more problems with defense than we ever have until recently.

Also note that Bynum and Odom average the same exact rebounds but odom actually plays 9 more minutes per game than Bynum.

Put Bynum in for those same minutes Odom averages and he can average much more rebounds, more blocks, etc...

Here is my ranking on the defense of our bigs from best to worst:
1) Andrew
2) Turiaf
3) Odom
4) Mbenga
5) Mihmsies

lol and dont say "just a shotblocker" in a way that takes away from Bynum's performances.

Odom is a good defender, not underrated....and bynum is a great defender.

When I call Bynum a shot blocker, I wasnt tyring to take anything away from a guy. I UNDERSTAND that he makes our defense better with his shot blocking but when do you ever see Bynum shut down Yao, TD, KG, Boozer, guys like that. I dont really see Bynum stay right in front of his man and defend him most of the time.

I guess what I was trying to say is that even though Lamar might not block every or many shots, he attempts to. Almost all the time. He is always defending his man and guess what, when theres a guy left open who do you ALWAYS see running to that open guy with his hand up and yelling as loud as he can.

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