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In my experience, Cell phones are like PC's. Once you buy them, they're obsolete almost as soon as you get them home or a month later.

Also, all the ring tones in the world don't mean crap if your phone gets broke. Unless you get lucky and they're able to transfer all that stuff to your new phone (and that's iffy especially if the phone is broke) you're going to go through the trouble of setting everything up again.

I keep my phone setup to the standard settings and I don't worry about it. Afterall, I bought it to be able to make phone calls, particularly in situations where my car might break down, or other emergency situations, so I don't need to use all the other crap they want you to get.

My phone has a camcorder, it has a camera. But the quality is crap, so why bother? It has internet and I can get movies via some kind of t.v. channels on my phone, but all that costs extra. Why would I pay for t.v. on a 4" screen?

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