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I had the Motorola Razr and hated it. It just seemed like it was too big, and being so thin, I just couldn't quit thinking that i was going to destroy it. so my wife took the Razr, and I bought the Samsung A950. pretty good phone. i've dropped it several times, and nothing has happened yet.

I agree with what someone else said, the phones have so many features, but after a month or so, I also don't use any of them. haven't used the camera but a couple times. don't think i've used the camcorder at all. phone w/my memory card can hold like 200+ songs. after the first couple months, I really don't listen to it that much anymore. also, the stock ringtone sucks.ony ringtone on the phone was the verizon default one and it is stupid.

all i really use the cell phone for is making calls, text messages, and the mobile web (to check scores when i'm working in the evenings).
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