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Default Re: OJ Mayo incident

Originally Posted by boozehound
On the myspace video, he clearly bumps him. You can see the ref move forward before falling. Not saying he didnt flop, but there is no reason this kid should be touching a ref. This focus on High School basketball has led the student-athletes to believe they are bigger than the game. He should be suspended. no way a highschool player should be able to confront a ref like that. No way.

Yeah there is no way for a player to touch a ref. They should be off limits.

Ref should also get criticism for his lame duck tech calls as it appeared he targetted OJ Mayo specifically. Maybe because he was on some "He may be OJ Mayo the great but I'm gonna be the sheriff in this town". I dont like that. Not excusingOJ Mayo touching the ref just the reaction from the ref to flop and the events beforehand.
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