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Default Re: KD and Nick Collison...

Originally Posted by 9512
...are the last 2 players from the team that last played in Seattle when they were still the Sonics.

This is becoming depressing. Almost all of the people from the Seattle days (2008) are almost all gone.

I am going through depressing times with Seattle without a team.

I don't live in Seattle but any1 with news of progress of obtaining a team in Seattle?

I saw one news station yesterday and a Seattle native (don't really care about the name) is trying to help fund for the arena in the Sodo area. Mariners owner don't like it and complained about the traffic problem. The native then stated that he would fund for the research in that area about anything related to transportation and any potential issues. Supposedly this guy might play a major role in getting Sonics back. Don't hope for the team coming any time soon because it might take 5+ more years.

EDIT: oh yeah, that Chris Hansen guy was the native.

Although it's sad that the team moved, there are still some Ex-sonics Players out there to root:

Ray Allen
Rashard Lewis (disappointment )
Luke Ridnour (lol)
Damien Wilkins (lol)
Reggie Evans (damn coach plays him hardly at all)
Chris Wilcox (heart problem )

Oh and you forgot about Jeff Green (heart problem )

I'm sure I'm missing a few myself....

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