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Default Re: Foreskin> No Foreskin?

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
You don't go walking around with your dick hanging out do you? Ridiculous comparison.

Here's a question for the circumcised: Do you feel that you were mutilated? Do you suffer from PTSD? Do you wish you had a foreskin?

Ridiculous comparison? You are the one who made it in the first place. Calling circumcision a minor plastic procedure similar to a nosejob.

The thing is, even if it was just a minor plastic procedure that had no impact at all, does that make it right? You condone of parents putting babies through plastic surgery? Maybe I don't like the ears of the baby, or the skin color, or whatever. It's perfectly fine to do minor medical procedures to alter those things then?

You also think that circumcision for girls is a minor medical procedure that should be 100% the parent's right to perform? I'm sure the girls who grow up that way don't know what they are missing either.
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