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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Silver Linings Playbook - 7/10
This movie was carried by the great chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. The scenes they had together were almost perfect. But then the movie almost lost me with the stupid side plot involving Pat's father's gambling and superstition. The entire scene after he loses the bet and everyone gets back from the Eagles game was frustratingly bad. I could've done without most of that part of the story. Thankfully it was redeemed with the charming dance competition and ending. Oh and as a sports fan, it frustrated the hell out of me seeing an Asomugha Eagles jersey given when this stroy was supposed to be set. COME ON! Still a good movie overall. And since it seems like the Oscar is going to come down to either Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain, between the two performances, Lawrence should win in a landslide.

Also out of recent ones I saw:

Zero Dark Thirty - 7/10
Bernie - 7/10
Dredd - 5/10
Skyfall - 9/10
Killing Them Softly - 8/10
This is 40 - 6/10
John Dies at the End - WTF/10 (or a 6)
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