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Default Re: Smush Parker responds to Kobe Bryant

It's no secret at all that Kobe's a dickhead. Always has been, always will be.
Really, nothing more need be said. Yet this thread will go 50 pages.
No people really need to get this. People need to understand that Kobe is a poisonously bad human being and that it takes his team almost as many steps back as his sheer skill and talent bring it forward.

I have never heard anything like that before. I have played with huge egos, and of course all the greats have huge egos. 40 year old MJ called Kwame Brown a "flaming f@gg0t" once. But that's nothing like the smoldering disdain that Kobe has for everyone besides himself that isn't intensity, and not even ego, but a guy whose soul has turned into a black hole.

And people are like "well he won a title recently, and one time I remember he only took 2 shots in the first half of a game, he was passing, so, um, he gels with his teammates now, big props to Kobe!"
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