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Default Re: Good shooters how do you practice

Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
Those of you who are good shooters what did you do to become a good shooter. Did you just put up a lot of shots every day or did you do something more structured?

first you must have all the essential elements of a good jumpshot. no point putting up tons of shots if you're replicating bad habits every shot.

i start with a warmup from straight ahead, like plowking said, it helps with depth perception. I usually start right in front of the rim and shoot without my off hand. make 5 shots and then take a step back until i can no longer shoot comfortably with one hand. Then i start again from right in front of the rim and then shoot with my offhand. work myself as far as i can without breaking my form (THIS IS KEY, DONT SACRIFICE FORM FOR RANGE, if you cant shoot it comfortably, dont worry itll come eventually if you practice, it means your muscles arent used to it)

that should take about 15-20 mins, depending on how accurate you are at first. It might seem childish but i 100% GUARANTEE that after a few sessions you will be a better shooter
then i like to pick a specific type of shot (ie. one dribble pull ups, coming around screens, rip throughs etc.) and drill that. Usually aim for an optimistic percentage, i do a 2 wind sprints everytime i miss the goal (just for added fun lol)
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