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Default Re: Good shooters how do you practice

When I was younger I had to adjust my shot because I started playing young (like 8) and developed a bad habit of cocking my elbow out about 45 deg off center.

The best practice I can recommend is obviously get in the gym as much as you can but when practicing your form. I can't stress enough practice up close with 1 hand. Learn that balance without your other hand, and slowly move back. Once you're almost to the free throw line and can nail those with consistency you're starting to get your form locked in.

The best 'anywhere' practice was a habit I picked up from a camp in junior high. You can do it lying in bed, assuming you're halfway coordinated and have enough ceiling space. Just line up your jumper while you're lying down, try to roll it off your finger tips in the shooting motion and have it grow straight up and straight down. Doin this every night growing up is a huge part of the reason I developed into a shooter despite being taller (6'4") but it's a lot of fun being a nightmare with the in/out game to play with.

Just remembered in the summers growing up I would shoot 60-100 free throws/day which is another good way to get double duty out of your practice (reinforcing your form/free throw routine).
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