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As I sit here watching us get blown out by the Charlotte Bobcats, I find myself wondering if this is the time to blow it up. I don't care how we go to the playoffs or how we win a title. I love a lot of the Suns players but my allegience is to the team not the players. I have been totally against the trading of Amar'e Stoudamire for a long time now. Now I am not so sure, if Kerr is going to build this team in his image or the image that he wants then maybe it is time for him to start completing what it is he is trying to do. Today on Doug and Wolf (KTAR AM RADIO PHX) they were talking about why D'Antoni didn't hold Amar'e accountable on D-Fence, and that maybe it was because D'Antoni knew Amar'e would never be a good defensive player. And now I am beginning to think that he will never be one either. His rebounding has been horrendous, worse than usual.

I also say it is time to move Nash, get what we can for him. find a good point guard that can play in Porters system. it is clear that Nash is struggling to find himself in this style of play. Also get rid of Barbosa already, he can't play the point, too small to play the 2 and is too streaky to be trusted. He can put up some good #'s but I think the luster of the Brazillian blur is gone.

Hopefully we can keep JRich, and keep him as part of the new Suns. Shaq will probably play out his last years of his current contract with the Suns before leaving.

Now is the time to start thinking realistically about the future, the 7 seconds or less era is over and there are to many pieces from that era on the current Suns. We are in limbo and suffering every moment we don't move on from our past. it was a good run and as sad as I am to realize that it is indeed over, it is over. That being said, it's time for the Suns management to come out and be truthful about it and start making deals to make this team what it is that they want. Planet Orange is sick and suffering time to inject us with a new formula.
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