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Originally Posted by ~primetime~
what happens to you when you flat-line in a hospital and live:

Near Death Experiences


The content of near death experiences may vary by culture [12]. Children, who typically do not have enough time to develop strongly towards one faith, had very limited NDEs. Examples of this include a boy simply having talked to his brother in his NDE and a daughter having a conversation with her mother.[13][14] The phenomenology of an NDE usually includes physiological, psychological and alleged transcendental aspects.[15] Typically, the experience follows a distinct progression:[10][16][17]

1. A very unpleasant sound/noise is the first sensory impression to be noticed (R. Moody: Life after Life);
2. A sense of being dead;
3. Pleasant emotions; calmness and serenity;
4. An out-of-body experience; a sensation of floating above one's own body and seeing the surrounding area;
5. Floating up a blue tunnel with a strong, bright light or garden at the end;
6. Meeting deceased relatives or spiritual figures;
7. Encountering a being of light, or a light (often interpreted as being the deity or deities they personally believe in);
8. Being given a life review (the "life-flashing-before-your-eyes" phenomenon);
9. Reaching a border or boundary;
10. A feeling of being returned to the body, often accompanied by a reluctance.
11. Feeling of warmth even though naked.


it isn't proof, but it is legit evidence, and with the thousands of people that have stories like this it would enough eye witness testomony for a Judge to rule that a higher power does exist...

That's a rather dishonest conclusion to reach.
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