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Default Re: Kevin Love rumor?

Originally Posted by Big Al All day
I actually think I would be down for a trade involving Love.

Someone in the NBA forum said something about Love and our 28 for the Grizz 2 and Buckner.

That looks like a VERY good trade for us. We would have the 2 AND the 6. I'm not sure if this would ever actually go down but that looks very nice.

We could either draft Thabeet with the 2 and draft a pg, or draft Rubio with the 2 and hope to trade the pick for a big. There would be a lot of possibilities. But I don't think any of it would happen, I think we'll end of drafting Tyreek(?) Evans, which isn't a bad thing either.
i like that trade actually even though i have a huge man crush on love.
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