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Default Re: Kevin Love rumor?

Originally Posted by 04mzwach
That is interesting. I guess Memphis does need a good PF. Who do the Timberwolves want with the 2nd pick? Thabeet or Rubio? I think I would go with Rubio and then go for a big man with the 6th, then pick up Curry later on if available. It would be a pretty sweet move if everything fell into place the right way. Hopefully, we don't have to give any picks up. Then again, Thabeet would be good in a couple years. Hmm. What would you guys do?
curry's stock is rising fast and wont be available in the later part of the 1st. i see 2 options we could go if we trade love + ? for the 2nd overall.

rubio + Derozan (im really high on this guy)
Thebeet + Derozan or Curry

if we did trade up i would much rather see Rubio + derozan (or some other SF)
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