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Default Re: Can anyone guesstimate my Vert?

Originally Posted by NotYetGreat
Definitely not black. Asian (Filipino).

Wait, doing the math, so I'm 69 inches, my arm is 25 inches, 69 plus 25 is 94, divided by 12... my reach is 7 feet and 10 inches? So my vert is 23"? Thanks, LevisJ.

Oh, I also forgot. Anyone know how much I need to be able to actually dunk? The ball is 9 inches in diameter right? Does that mean I need 9+ inches?
you measured your arm to add to your height? just stand up to a wall and mark up the highest point you can touch, no addition needed just mark that.
also, a 7'10 reach is pretty good, i'm 6'2.5 and i have a 8'2-8'3 reach and i have some pretty lanky arms. and in terms of amount needed above rim to dunk, it varies from person to person, but i would say if you want a comfortable dunk you would need a good 9-11 inches over from the tip of your middle finger.
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