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Default Re: Can anyone guesstimate my Vert?

Originally Posted by halffttime
notyetgreat, where you from? are you from the philippines or in the states? if you're from the philippines, how's the competition level there? i'm going there next christmas, i'm hoping to beast on everyone.. i'm 5'10, i'm guessing everyone else would be around 5'6 in general..

Well, we're the same height, so you'll probably be one of the biggest guys here. Depends where you go to, though. The squatter dudes are kinda extremes. It's either they suck balls and are completely incapable of even dribbling, or they're too good for their own good (or at least they make it seem so). If you go to the private villages, well it also depends. There are some fundamental guys, and then there are also extremely good players who can do everything. By next Christmas, do you mean this coming one (which is the next) or next Christmas as in next year?
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