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Default Re: Enes Kanter so far...

I think he'll be fine. Coming into the season it sounded like he was a major project not someone that was going to be counted on to contribute to what's been a winning team. He shows all the signs of being a dominant rebounder which alone makes him very special. You can see that he's coordinated unlike someone like Fessenko. Think his offensive game was more perimeter oriented like most Euros and they want him down low. He just needs time. The most encouraging thing is that him and Favors look to work together well which bodes well for the future.

Burks looks like the best prospect of all of them from the little we've seen. Other than Karl and A.D. I can't think of anyone that got to the line like he does. Don't think they've had anyone that gets to the rim like him ever. He's fearless, aggressive, energetic and athletic. His shot looks good. Can handle the ball and pass. Gets after people on D. He could be their go to guy superstar running the pick and roll with Millsap/Favors. He just needs minutes.

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