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Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Firstly, stunningly gorgeous direction last night. The entire hunt for Randall, concluding with the moonlit showdown, was just exceptionally well done. Looked great, sounded great, was genuinely tense. The attack on Darryl and Glen in the dark was among the scarier moments in recent memory of the show.

There are obviously logistical issues with the show. I'm not opposed to where they're headed in learning about the spread of the virus. It's very possible that they are dormant carriers that are only triggered as active once they're bitten or when they die. It doesn't have to make perfect sense, just be logical enough within the way they write it. But even physical logistics with stuff like how does Rick not hear zombie Shane behind him. How do Glen and Darryl get snuck up on. Darryl is appearantly the pink panther of wilderness tracking. But all of that I can deal with if they keep the show on this emotional pitch. Losing too main characters in the past two weeks really keeps the no one is safe idea of the show going, and continues to put emotional strain on the group, which helps them from falling into hypothetical morallity dialogue that really isn't great for the show. I'm hoping that losing Shane will make Lori a more interesting character as she struggles with the relationship she had with him. It will obviously change Carl and Rick. And hopefully losing both Shane and Dale in two days time will drive Andrea to be more assertive and make her more interesting too. Even the emotional scene with Glen fixing the winebego I thought was well handled and is just another step in fleshing out Glen. And with Shane out of the way, you've already seen Darryll start to step into a bigger role as the groups best lone wolf who's skill set makes him too valuable to simply shun off his viewpoints.

Carl is really just not a good enough actor to pull off where they're headed with him. Now he's killed a zombie father figure whom he's shown more trust in than his real father even in this episode. There's a lot of stuff coming at him I'm not sure he can handle.
And one of my long stanging defenses of keeping the show on the farm was that the entire set piece was obviously ideal for a zombie horde overrunning it, and it appears we're finally going to get that.

The zombies...they're just so unthreatening. If they would just dig a big hole and put a stereo inside, all the zombies would fall in it. I'd like it better if they're surrounded by the rough guys who will rape Lori and force Rick and Carl to watch. I hope the show is going in that direction.
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