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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by iamgine
The zombies...they're just so unthreatening. If they would just dig a big hole and put a stereo inside, all the zombies would fall in it. I'd like it better if they're surrounded by the rough guys who will rape Lori and force Rick and Carl to watch. I hope the show is going in that direction.

Yeah, I agree with that. They even had to generate the whole "the swamp is freezing dry as the weather gets colder" quip just to get around the fact that the farm had been so safe due to it's being surrounded by swamp.

Realistically, it often seems like a nice field of barbed wire would be enough to slow down and funnell the threat enough that it seems like it should be managable. But the threat only works when it's in mass. And that seems to be whats coming. And that's been true for most of the genre's history.
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