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Originally Posted by Rake2204
My dunk confidence is about as bad as its been in well over 10 years. Two summers ago, I severely sprained my ankle twice in two months and combined with the fact I was approaching 30, I simply began wondering if my dunking days were supposed to be coming to an end.

Now, I'm officially in the "Dude, you should have just dunked that" zone. I still attack hard and explode off one foot but I'm afraid of failure - I don't believe I can do it - so I've just been laying everything up to be safe. Even when goofing around outside of games, I've dramatically reduced my dunk attempts because of the fear that I'll miss, or will have to hear I'm not getting as high as I used to. Of course, not practicing dunks only perpetuates the cycle.

On more than one occasion in the past month, I've laid one in only to hear some excitedly say on the sideline, "Woooo, I thought he was about to dunk that!" That's actually kind of helped my mindframe. I had a super, super weak dunk along the baseline against Lindsey Hunter's team a few weeks ago, but it was a casual flush I only attempted because the play was dead (I was whistled for a travel).

Following that game, with dead legs after two full runs, I back-rimmed a couple of attempts but my wrist was a healthy distance above the cylinder. An encouraging sign heading into the summer, where I tend to get in better playing shape and whatnot.

i know what you mean. I've been dealing with a hamstring strain for the past 2 months. I'm a left footed jumper and it's my left leg that's injured. i can still get up high enough but my landings are still shaky so I've been forced to two foot jump most of the time now. I still have a pretty good two foot vert but it takes away all my opportunities for a dunk because the extra step allows the help to come over.

it takes a while for the confidence to come back, and I feel as though once it does come back, you usually injure yourself again and start that cycle over
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