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Originally Posted by Burgz V2
i know what you mean. I've been dealing with a hamstring strain for the past 2 months. I'm a left footed jumper and it's my left leg that's injured. i can still get up high enough but my landings are still shaky so I've been forced to two foot jump most of the time now. I still have a pretty good two foot vert but it takes away all my opportunities for a dunk because the extra step allows the help to come over.

it takes a while for the confidence to come back, and I feel as though once it does come back, you usually injure yourself again and start that cycle over
Weird, I've honestly been dealing with a hamstring strain as well. Certainly not a serious injury, and one I hardly notice in regular life, but the moment I begin trying to stride out for a one-footed explosive takeoff, it feels like it wants to rip. For as non-severe as it feels, it's sure taking a while to heal itself.

Your second paragraph has a lot of truth to it as well, ha.
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