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Default Re: Calling for the next Barry Sanders: Stafford and Megatron desperately seek you.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Still waiting to see your personal list(s) of better QB/WR duo(s).
I went to the gym, please be patient. I'd put Schaub and Johnson over them, Manning and Cruz, Brady and Welker, Ryan and White, maybe a few others. I realize that Johnson is #1 by a wide margin over any other receiver but we're supposed to be evaluating duos here, which should mean this is about more than the receiver's stats. Stafford isn't a Sanchez-bad QB but we're looking at 17 TDs to 16 interceptions. The team is 4-11. Not Johnson's fault at all but Stafford with his interceptions gets a healthy share of the blame for that. If you have the best QB/receceiver duo you shouldn't have such a terrible record.
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