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Default Re: Off season moves

Originally Posted by DKLaker
$ short, Fire 'Antoni because his idiotic coaching is never going to work and he wouldn't win an NBA title if he had his pick of the top 15 players in the NBA, he would still manage to FK it up!!!

Can't judge Dwight based on an idiot coach who didn't know how to use him.
It's like going to war against tanks and a General says, no we won't use our tanks, planes or big weapons, we'll only use pistols against them
Then the soldiers get criticized for failure

I look at it like this.... Chicago has a far worse lineup on the court than the Lakers did yet they are winning. Sure they aren't going to win the series against the Heat, but they'll still make it interesting. They have a coach who knows how to use his players. When a coach can't figure out how to use Dwight Howard, he has no business being in the league.
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