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Default Re: A lot of teams using the 49ers offense this year....

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
Redskins were not running the Pistol Offense.

The Pistol Offense is strongly associated with the 49ers and the 49ers have success running it full time. Kap is a master of this offense and came from Nevada, with Chris Ault, who is considered the father of the offense.

49ers OC, Greg Roman, was at the Pistol Offense camp and a student of Ault's.

It is the 49ers offense and a lot of teams are copying them. Nobody runs it better. Nooobody.

It is a copy cat league and I don't mind it but we all know who the best at running this offense is. Kap.


The immaculate deflection- so beautiful.

Just like 9-11, everyone will remember exactly where they were when kap threw that pick and goat poast game interview. It still has to hurt.

Fucc you and your pistol, bitch.
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