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Default Re: A lot of teams using the 49ers offense this year....

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
How are you gunna tell me what my team was running? Dolt.

RG3 was running pistol formations as soon as he got in the NFL. I Remember being at training camp the first day and seeing a lot of pistol and then reading tweets all thru the preseason about how much we were in pistol. Then we were moving the ball better than almost every team in 2012. Kaep didn't even start a game until mid November of that season lol.

The fact is, the Redskins started that trend in the recent NfL and then that season your 9ers, the Seahawks and the Panthers among others started to mimic WSH cuz teams were having a hard time with rookie RG and Alfred Morris.

Keep thinking what you want but you are wrong and it's ironic that u make this thread when it's pretty much common knowledge that Harbaugh and Co. Took elements of our offense once Karpernick was starting.

Colin Kapernick has never had the type of season RG had in 2012 in passing efficiency while trying to mimic his Rookie Of The Year success.
Why are you acknowledging him? You're better than this
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