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Default Re: Recent Busts, Steals, and Draft Blunders

Originally Posted by BBallGuru08
Lottery Pick Busts:

Adam Morrison - He has that Mike Dunleavy Jr intrigue to him. Both were highly touted out of college. Both were #3 overall picks. Both were compared to the great Larry Bird. Dunleavy is finally having limited success in Indiana, but he has a big edge over Morrison. MDJ is a better athlete than he is given credit for. Morrison couldn't jump over a nickel and couldn't defend this chair I'm sitting in. He's also a huge health risk and will spend the majority of his career on the IR.

Shelden Williams - Sometimes, being a great college player doesn't translate to the NBA level and Williams is proof of that. He's an undersized C that lacks offensive skills. He's too slow to play the SF spot and not skilled enough for the PF. Will be an Adonal Foyle type player.

Patrick O'Bryant - Its hard to tell with this guy. It could be a product of his coach not trusting him. When in the game, I've seen a lot that I liked. With Biedrins probably signing a long term extension and the implementing of small ball in GS, O'Bryant will get permanent bench splinters whether its warranted or not. Ronnie Brewer, Cedric Simmons, or Rajon Rondo would of been a better pick.

Late Draft Steals:

Louis Williams (2005, 45th Pick) - This kid is going to be a great player in the league. May not be an All Star type player, but will get recognition soon. When Miller is out of Philly, Williams will step in and play very well. Could be a 17 point, 8 assist guy. Still only 21 years old.

Monta Ellis (2005, 40th Pick) - I'm not a huge fan of Monta and I'm a GSW fan, but its hard to ignore his skillset and what he offers as a second round pick. Ultra quick and a solid one-on-one defender. Must improve his point guard play. As long as Baron is in GS, then Monta will be a SG. I'd like to see him goto a team where he can be a bigger part of the future.

David Lee (2005, 30th Pick) - Why did the Knicks traded for a huge contract in Randolph is a mystery. David Lee is a double double guy that works hard. Randolph is a overrated player that complains. I guess he fits right in with Marbury in NY. Isaiah is bascially making Lee untouchable which makes less sense.

Draft Blunders:

Orlando - Fran Vasquez (11th Pick, 2005) - What a waste of a pick! Imagine if the nabbed a guy like Gerald Green, David Lee, or Danny Granger.

Atlanta - Marvin Williams (2nd Pick, 2005) - Nothing against Williams but Atlanta's biggest need has always been the point guard spot. What do they do instead? Draft a guy who virtually plays the same position as Josh Smith and Childress. There were two guys that were drafted right after Marvin that could of really helped this team...Deron Williams and Chris Paul. How good would this team be with Deron Williams, Johnson, Smith, and Horford? Utah probably would of taken Chris Paul and New Orleans take Marvin Williams which of worked out great for all 3 teams.

U are right for all of this except Noah and Law...
Adam Morrison = BUST
Shelden Williams - too undersized and slow (he's like 6'8''?)
Patrick O'Brayant - I dont' know...

U are right for Elis and Lee, I dont's really know if Louis Williams is a steal?

What really is a blunder?
Fran Vasquez is a good player but not close to Green, Lee, Granger and Elis! He's a late 1st round or early 2nd round player.
All 3 team would benefit from picking right player/Atlanta-Deron/Utah-Chris Paul/New Orleans-Marvin.
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