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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

Originally Posted by RapsFan
Do you actually watch basketball? Noah got over 7 bds per as a starter in less then 30 mins as a rookie. Stuckey is way past Bargnani and he participated. Amir Johnson is one of the most sought after big man prospects in the league. Wright is getting like 14/6/2blks on 64% FG in the summer. You can't believe I said Amir Johnson....non Raptor fans probably couldn't believe I said Bargnani.

Bottom line, Bargnani needs a ton of work so if the Raps think he's best served working in the gym then fine. I would have liked to see him participate against some of the leagues other young players, but I think losing confidence if he got destroyed would be a worry.

LOL are you serious?!?! Joey Graham averages like 18-20 ppg in the summer league like wright and yaa i can see u watch basketball thinking they both had an impact in the reg. season... I maybe if you could read full posts instead of blabbin off, i said Noah has balls in the post, he has some post skill to build on in summer league, Bargs doesn't. and yes Stuckey is way past Bargs, also why i would have him in 5 on 5 not Bargs, like everyone has been saying on this topic, Bargs needs fundamentals before anything.

I'm also glad some people are open to trade Bargs, i feel that if it doesn't work out we can still sell high on his "potential" and get something that can contribute right away if we're in a position to go deep in the playoffs

and seriously? people want johnson?? i didnt even know/hear nothing about it ..he's not even making much noise
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